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Building from the ground up?
Construction Loans is your answer

Have you got piece of land that you plan to build on? Are you planning to tear down your current home to build a new, updated one? A construction mortgage is the answer for these scenarios.
Building your dream home or office from scratch may be cost a fortune. You may be debt or forced to slow down the construction process because of insufficient funding. A construction loan is the ideal solution. We can help you obtain Construction Loans in Toronto or any major city in Ontario quickly and easily. No time to waste; discuss it with Taleen professionals.

Construction Loans Toronto

How do Construction Loans Work?

It works differently from your traditional mortgage. Funds are usually given to you on a progress advancement basis. In other words, you “draw” on the full amount of the construction mortgage at specific stages of the construction project.
If you already have the land you want to build on, the first advance you will get will be in the form of an equity takeout. If you still don’t have the land, your first lump sum is provided to fund your purchase of a piece of land.
As you construct your new home and reach various predetermined levels of completion, you receive funds, called draws.
By the means of this, the financials required must be complemented with smooth options such as those offered by Taleen Mortgages in the domain of construction mortgage loans. Contact us now! Our team will help you get your construction started.

Your ideal Mortgage Agent for Construction Financing in Ontario

We’re your perfect construction mortgage partners. Our team will advise you on plans, documentation requirements, draw information and the most suitable construction loans on the market. They will also guide you through the process. Our top priority to secure the best possible mortgage to build your house, with top construction mortgage rates is a priority to us; we believe that building projects are complex as it is! It will be a stress-free process. We enjoy powerful knowledge, extensive network, best flexible rates. All together will help tailoring the best solutions that will make constructing your dream home comes real.

We Offer You Easy Access to Residential & Business Construction Loans

Residential Construction Loan

Residential construction loans are different from a home mortgage. New home construction loans are to provide payments for buying the land you want to build on and other service charges. These loans are separated into phases; you withdraw the money as you use it and only pay for the interest on the used amount. Once you get the house you dreamt for, you have to pay back the loan that you got. Taleen Mortgage experts are your way to get your loan process done on time with the best rates. Call us now; Let’s get stated.

Business Construction Loans

Construction business loans cover different costs from the residential one, like the costs of constructing a property such as materials, on-site facilities, machinery, and wages for the crew. If you are taking your construction business or other business on another level by constructing a new real estate property; the business construction loan is you key to go over any financial obstacle. If you have the land already and you can use the equity gained overtime pay down for your loans for construction. The loan in in the form of draws and interest only applied as per the amount you have withdrawn. A business loan expert is crucial. They will guide you and ease the process for you. Problems will be solved, and you won’t worry about any payment any more.
The process of getting a business loan in Toronto goes in 3 steps;

  • Milestone completion
  • Construction draw
  • Contractor payment

Call us now and get benefit from our well experienced business loan agents. We will provide you with numerous options and choices. Our initial consultation is for free.

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