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Toronto is one of the big cities that provide all kinds of entertainment. Most Toronto’s residents have several debts to pay back, so Debt Consolidation has become a common need. In Toronto, homeowners can manage different debts together consolidating them into a single monthly payment having home equity loans. Once you feel that your financial situation is getting more complicated and out of control, contact Taleen Mortgages. We will provide you with advice and solutions that put your financial position on the right track. If you own a property, qualifying for an equity loan can’t be easier for us.

Debts are solutions not targets

Debts can be taken for many reasons, using credit cards to their maximum and suffering from financial emergencies or health problems. Debts shall never be painful, yet it is the mismanagement or unrealistic planning that may change it into headache, especially when people are not able to pay their payments on time. At Taleen Mortgages, experts will help you understand and sort out your financial difficulties to draw your ideal financial plan consolidating all your debts to pay one monthly payment only. Our experts will also educate you rules of saving and spending money so you become debt-free in the future.

Why Taleen Mortgages?

Debt consolidation in Toronto is easy to achieve, it is a fact. Yet at Taleen Mortgages, we aim to exceed your expectations and level up the standards. Our professionals will study your case fully, line out the solutions available for you, and provide you with the best ones. Our team will:


  • Plan your monthly budget.
  • Offer you a fast and transparent debt consolidation loan process.
  • Give you the opportunity to combine any debts you choose.
  • Let you enjoy the extended payment terms with equity loans, so that you can make monthly payments according to your convenience
  • Guarantee lowest interest rates
  • Help you have a good credit score and pay off your debt faster.

When are debt consolidations needed?

Debt Consolidations becomes your ideal solution:

  • If a person is facing difficulty following up with their payments and missing due date in which their credit score will be affected.
  • If a person is looking for combining all their payments into one at a low interest rate
  • If you are planning to improve your overall credit score by making timely payments

Getting Debt Consolidation Loan with Shant Nalbandian

Living in Toronto has its pros and cons. You will get benefit of all the entertainment and facilities available in the city, yet you will be easily trapped with debts. For this reason, and when you cannot avoid the debts, Taleen’s Debt consolidation services must be your financial guide. We will manage your financial plan, and we will offer you a stress-free and fast debt consolidation process. We believe that each individual has a different case from other; therefore, we tailor our solutions and strategies to match your financial status, needs, and expectations. The variety of solutions and options we have are due to our broad experience and extensive network. We will always get you the answers needed.


How can I consolidate my debt in Canada?

There are many ways to consolidate a debt. the best way to do so will depend on your distinctive financial situation. This will allow you pay back multiple debts with a monthly installment plan. Getting a deal of lower interest rate and viable repayment routine are the best ways to consolidate your debt.

Consolidating debts will affect my credit?

If you are keeping your debt consolidation plan, you may have an overall improvement in your credit score with a slight delay the way to completion. This is due to the fact that consolidated debt is one single debt that already result from the multiple debts you may have included the credit debt.

How long does a debt consolidation remain on my record?

After paying back your debt fully, a consolidation debt stays on the record for a period of up to 7 years. The negatives are removed after seven year an only positive record remains indefinitely. Sometimes, the timeline varies, but the debt consolidation remains as long as the individual accounts are reported.

How can I pay off my debt fast?

Developing an applicable repayment plan is the fastest way to pay off a debt consolidation. Debts turn into bad ones if you have unviable repayment plans set against your income sources. Therefore, effective and realistic repayment plan can help you pay off your debt easily.

How to qualify for a debt consolidation loan?

It depends on your financial situation. The lender may ask for a requirement to meet regarding the credit score, the types of debts and the interest rate they offer you for it on the repayment plan.

When is it possible to purchase a home if I consolidate my debt?

Purchasing a home after consolidating a debt is not a recommended step. Due to the fact that you may face financial stress. Add to that, you might get a better deal than you expected for better credit score and lower debts once you are done with your debt consolidation plan.

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