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Taleen Nalbandian:
Expert Mortgage Agent in Toronto

As a first-time home buyer in Canada, you’re about to venture into a genuine experience. You will need a trusted and experienced mortgage agent to guide you through your purchasing process. We make sure that you will feel comfortable with the loan you are going to live with for years to come. We have broad experience in first-time home buying. Our attention to details and vast knowledge will let you make a smart asset purchase.
We certainly believe that there are no stupid questions; you are welcome to share any concern you may have in your mind, and our team will fulfil them all.

Why Taleen Mortgages?

Is Toronto’s Mortgage Process Complicated? Yes!

Since lenders need evidence of borrowers’ capability to repay the loan, Mortgage involves a complicated process. Lenders ask for tax returns, bank statements, and verification of employment. They usually check if the borrower has a good credit score. Once your loan application meets the criteria, it will be approved at a proposed rate. The pre-approval process allows homebuyers to apply for a mortgage once they decide on a property. A mortgage approval could give buyers the assurance that their offer is backed by money especially in such a competitive market. Work with a trusted mortgage agent will help you go through the process confidently and efficiently. Here, our team will handle the entire process for you. You just have to enjoy the approval.

Professional Mortgage Agents in Toronto – Taleen Mortgage

Getting the lowest rates available is one of your key objectives. Therefore, our team of experts strives to achieve it. Our approach is obtaining your satisfaction. Thus, our solutions and services will be driven to achieve it. Thereby, our mortage experts will keep you engaged throughout your process. We will also educate you on you on new tax policies in the process, which reduces your tax burden being there answering any question of your regarding refinancing, renewing your mortgage, or even buying a new home. In other words, we will do all it needs to make your dream home come true.

Best Solutions and
Rates at Your Service.

Toronto, the capital of Ontario is on its way towards a splendid future. The Areas of the GTA is witnessing the opening of various investment opportunities. Thus, we, your trusted Mortgage agent, will get you the lowest mortgage rates. Our team takes the burden of numbers and percentages away from you and professionally handle the whole process to let you celebrate your results; either being a business owner or a first-time home buyer. Buying a home for the first time is exciting, yet it requires a vast financial knowledge. Here comes the role of our team of professionals; we will guide you through your journey, introducing you to multiple choices and opportunities which match your needs and expectations. Our solutions guarantee that you enjoy the best services and rates at the same time.


What makes mortgage agents better than banks?

Mortgage agents get the best mortgage deal since they know the mortgage regulations and their way inside out of the social network. On the other hand, banks have strict benchmarks controlled by regulations only. Mortgage agents’ actions are driven by the customer satisfaction and requirements they receive.

What are the advantages of a mortgage agent over a bank?

Mortgage agents are only service providers, which means they have plenty of time navigating social networks unlike banks that have large number of private lenders. A bank works in routine while a agent believes that he has to navigate and understand your mortgage circumstance to help you.

What are the pros and cons of a mortgage agent?

The vast s knowledge, the extended social network, and the grip on mortgage regulations that Mortgage agents have are their pros. The only con you may face dealing with a mortgage agent is that you hiring an unskilled mortgage agent who is not an expert in the Canadian mortgage regulations and he may charge you more than you must be.

What is the typical timeline for applying for a mortgage through a agent?

An experienced agent needs 2 to 4 weeks. An agent will help you prepare all of your documents to avoid any delays. He may also send you to specific lenders to get your mortgage approved fast.

Is it cheaper to work with a mortgage agent?

Mortgage agents provide you with initial consultation to help you understand your financials. They define the options you have to meet your needs. Working with a mortgage agent provides you with mortgage knowledge. They are never expensive; they are budget friendly.

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