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Financing Your Second Home – Toronto

No matter how your second dream home looks like, it’s a decision affected by your finances, emotions and lifestyles.

How can you finance a second home?

  • Once equity is accumulated in your principal residence, you can put it towards the down payment on your new property.
  • Using your current property to buy a second home mortgage or line of credit to fund your second home is also possible
  • If you have the cash needed as a down payment, you may consider financing the property as you would with any other.

What is a second mortgage?

Second mortgages, home equity loans, are loans which are taken out on properties mortgaged once. The interest rate of a second mortgage is higher than a first mortgage and more likely to be shorter in term than the first mortgage too.

In Toronto, why would you need a second mortgage for?
To access equity built up in your home for several purposes, such as; home renovations, large expenses, consolidating debts, or business investments you will need a second mortgage. It is also important to specify your mortgage qualification.

Understanding the LTV (loan to value) ratio is a must to figure out how large a mortgage you will be able to qualify for. You can calculate a loan-to-value ratio (LTV) by dividing the amount owed on a property by the estimated LTV.

Second Mortgage Toronto

What do you need to take out a second mortgage?

A market evaluation of your property is required when taking out a second mortgage in Toronto. Handling the entire second mortgage process can be hectic; therefore, you can need hire an expert mortgage broker, Taleen Mortgage to do the work for you. We will connect you with mortgage lender who is the most suitable for your case. Lenders are willing to provide you more than 80% of your equity in some cases. Get in Touch with us now to discuss your ideal deal.

What makes 2022 the best time to have your second mortgage?

The market is witnessing a rapid growth; in comparison to the previous years, second mortgage rates have decreased while credit card rates have remained high. Thereby, you will be able to pay off your debts faster. Contact Taleen Mortgage so one of our mortgage professionals to arrange your process.
There is no doubt that real estate prices in metropolises such as Toronto and its suburbs are rising. In spite of the high increasing demand that housing market is facing, a limited supply is available to buyers. By means of this, if you decide on getting a second mortgage in Toronto or any other city in Ontario to get your home renovated, you may increase its value. This will help you get more money once you ever decide to sell.

Why Taleen Mortgages?

Regardless of what you need, we are solution oriented. We admire helping you have your goals and plans become a reality. Our years of experience, professional approach, and infinite options will guide you through the entire process until we together achieve your goals. We will also provide you with the type of expert mortgage advice you need to buy a vacation property, a second home for investment or a rental property. If you resident in Toronto or any other city in Ontario, contact us; our team is always available and welling to help!


How do second mortgages work in Toronto?

If you need a mortage and you have already got your first one. The second mortage taken out on a property that is already taken out. The second mortgage is usually needed to obtain a huge amount of money to help you off the credit debt or any extras needed.

What is the maximum amount I can borrow?

Based on the first mortgage that you have; the second mortgage is based on the value of equity and the mortgage debt that you have.

Second mortgages: what are the pros and cons?

The pros of second mortgage are getting low-interest loans and the long term have to repay it which can be up to 30 years. The cons for the same could be the financial problem you may face if the value of your home goes down. You have to be committed making your payments on time.

Do second mortgages take long to get approved?

Since you already filled the documents for the first mortgage up, your evidences are set to submit. if all goes well then, you shouldn’t wait for long to get the approval for second mortgage. It approximately takes 30 days. Yet, if a mortgage broker is made a part of the process, it can be reduced.

How much credit score do you need to buy a second home?

A credit score itself is not the only decisive factor. The There are other factors involved to see if qualify for a mortgage. The minimum credit score will be 620 at the least to expect the process to be approved.

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