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Why are self-employed mortgages popular?

Self-employed individuals and business owners who don’t have a fixed income can benefit from self-employed mortgages. Lenders typically examine your tax return for your net income when applying for a self-employed mortgage. Business people usually have unlimited tax benefits and flexible working hours. Self-employment is restricted by the availability of mortgage facilities despite countless benefits it offers. In Toronto, it has become more challenging for those with own businesses to get a mortgage due to the changes on mortgage laws made. Therefore, it is almost impossible to secure a traditional mortgage without a stable job. Here, self-employed mortgages become so popular. You need a trustworthy mortgage broker to help you qualify for a self-employed mortgage in Toronto. We will have your back. Taleen Mortgages can find the lowest rates on mortgage for self-employed for you.

How to qualify for a Self-Employed Mortgage in Toronto?

Qualifying for a self-employed mortgage is not impossible, yet it has become more competitive; the process is complex. Self-employed borrowers must prove they have a steady income so that banks and other lenders feel confident about issuing them a mortgage. Here comes the need of an expert mortage broker. Contact Taleen Mortgages to help you with your process and get the desired results.

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Are you looking for an Expert Self-Employed Mortgage Broker in Toronto?

Toronto is a great city; expenses and living costs are very high. Therefore, it can be difficult to get approved for a home loan if you are self-employed. Self-employed mortgage financing isn’t a stressful process. We, at Taleen Mortgages, are passionate to work with self-employed borrowers. We enjoy special experience providing self-employed mortgage services Toronto’s residents and surrounding areas. Our team is always available and welling to provide you with the needed help. We are also there to answer any question you may have regarding self-employed mortgages. Give us a call now!

As a self-employed or a business owner, you may face some financial challenges which bring on some stress. At Taleen Mortgages, our team of experts own the desire of reducing and overcoming those challenges. Most lending institutions have strict criteria and standards that you as a business owner have to meet before they consider your case. Here, our great network and extensive relationships guarantee a seamless borrowing process.
Taleen Mortgages Team works hard to make financial solutions work for you and let you enjoy a stress-free financial situation. Call us now to get started right away.

When applying for a mortgage, you will need to submit several documents to strengthen your case.

  • Business Financial Statements
  • Evidence of fully paid HST and GST
  • Personal and Business Credit Scores
  • Business License
  • Historical Financial Statements
  • Contracts demonstrating future earnings
  • Proof of Business ownership
  • Business License
  • Income tax returns for the past 1 to 2 years
  • Notices of Assessment
  • A receipt proving that your down payment was not gifted


In Toronto How many years of self-employment must a person have before being able to apply for a mortgage?

3 years or more are preferred by most of the lenders. This period allows them to have a thorough insight to the details of your expense records and financial income.

If I am one year self-employed, can I get a mortgage?

Yes, it is possible to get a mortgage with one year of self-employment. If you have got an experience of being self-employed for less than a year and your work is verified (for 24 months approximately). Then, you can obtain a mortgage provided your business has been active all this time.

How much can a self-employed person borrow for a mortgage?

If you have an experienced broker handling your mortage process, being self-employed may not be tricky anymore. Your broker might also achieve lower interest rates and better monthly payment schedule.

For self-employed people, is it gross or net income that mortgage lenders consider the most?

Mortage lenders mostly tend to have a look at your gross incomes and not the net income. A lender may calculate your gross monthly income over the course of two years. Then, they divide it by the number of months in the year.

In Toronto, are conventional loan rates lower than self-employed mortgage rates?

Time changes so as regulation. Nowadays, self-employed people can get a mortgage at the same interest rate as the conventional ones. Those who are self-employed and work hard to make the ends meet are now encouraged and supported in all means.

Being self-employed, what are the options for buying a house?

There are various available options. You can choose between of them. The real matter is only getting the perfect guidance to be able to get a house.

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