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Taleen Mortgages team were extremely helpful to us over the phone. The knowledge and expertise they showed allowed us to move forward with a better understanding of the current situation of the market, and future expectations as well. We would highly recommend that you contact Taleen Mortgages for any advice in this field. Thank you all!

Rod Whyte

Through our journey of buying our first home, they were a fantastic support. The whole team was amazing at communication. They made us understand each detail and option available. They explained to us the amount we could get approved for in a mortgage as well as the total monthly expenses. We simply loved working with Taleen’s Team.

Lauren James

It was an amazing experience working with Taleen Mortgages Team. They showed extreme professionalism and patience. I think that buying a home of ours would remain a dream without him! They did their best explaining all the available options to us. They made us feel that our case is in good hands. We recommend that you contact and start working with them!

Tod Bagel

Working with Taleen mortgage was a real breeze. The whole team was amazing throughout the process and very knowledgeable. The suggestions they provided regarding deciding a mortgage product made us very happy. They made us get the best rate and feel the joy of beating out all the competition. I highly recommend Taleen Mortgage for your financial objectives. Thank you, guys, for all you did!

Nell Purdy

There are no words for the gratitude I have for Taleen Mortgage, our mortgage through them was a great experience. Everything went just as smoothly expected. They were able to secure a great rate for us. Throughout our process, they checked in with us regularly to see what the progress was; They also made sure everything was lined up and ready to go. They answered all our questions along the way. Also, they always made sure that we had the full and right financial information. It was just a quick email or phone call away. Working with Taleen Mortgage was our right step towards our mortgage. We witnessed their knowledge, integrity, and honesty. We will definitely choose Taleen Mortgage again in the future once needed!

Sarah Baghdadi

It was amazing working with Taleen Mortgage. They first went through all options I had. Then they gave me the chance to choose the best for me. They were always there whenever I had a question, despite of the day or time! They always made sure I was satisfied with the answers. I would definitely do my mortgage with him again. You too should!

Clair Smithson