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We higher the standards for customer service and process.

Mortgages by Taleen, our top priority is helping you achieve your goals. We work on unique and distinguished answers and solution that meet your financial needs. From the first time we connect, our team outlines your financial need; mortgage, renewing or refinancing a mortgage, consolidating debt, searching for a private mortgage, or a home equity line of credit, and they go right through with you to the successful closing. Throughout the process, our team keeps you well informed regarding the progress.

About Taleen

Taleen Nalbandian is an expert when it comes to helping her clients with all of their mortgage needs. Whether you need a new mortgage, a mortgage refinance, or a home equity loan, Taleen and her team are always here to help! I entered the world of mortgage brokering in 2015 in order to be able to help people with one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives, their mortgage. I understand the importance of ensuring that homebuyers and homeowners receive the right financial advice when it comes to their mortgages, and I strive to help each one of my clients get the right mortgage product for their needs.
Whether you need a mortgage to purchase a new home, investment property, or need to refinance your mortgage to consolidate debt or for extra cash, with Taleen’s previous marketing background, Mortgages by Taleen have the tools and resources, knowledge to get you the best possible mortgage that you can qualify for. If Banks turned you away, I have access to over 50 different banks and alternative lenders who offer a large variety of mortgage solutions to clients who have weak credit, low income, or self employed, or have gone through bankruptcies or consumer proposals.

How do we do it?

A Leading Vision

At Taleen Mortgages, we have always believed that Mortgage Process can be done more in harmony. Therefore, Taleen Mortgages is here to prove that. We work on composing the best melody. Persistently developing our operation while sales expertise is our main asset to deliver a seamless mortgage process; it is no longer inconvenient or complex.

A Team in Harmony

Our team’s work is more or less like an orchestra. Everyone enjoys a collaborative manner, we share knowledge, experience and creative ideas. And above all, we admire what we do. Coming to work is never a burden. Our team is made up of dynamic and result-driven mortgages professionals. We also share the same passion: finding the best solutions for our clients and helping them accomplish their financial objectives.

An Effective Approach

At Taleen Mortgages, we follow an effective approach where the client’s needs always come first. In another words, our team of professionals’ vast knowledge and extensive network will allow you search the best mortgage options. They will also hire their experience at your service tailoring all the details to meet your requirements. Delivering the best service is our approach to achieve our main goal: building timeless relationships with our clients.

What makes us Unique?

Based on knowledge and experience advice

Varied Mortgages Options

Best Rates

Tailored Service

Extensive Network

Established and secured lenders

First Class Service

In Taleen Mortgage, you will be offered the expert advice, combined with the volume of mortgages that we arrange. For this reason, we occupy a very strong position in Mortgage business. This position provides our customers with access to the latest deals available and receive a first-class service. You only have to share your financial situation, define your needs and expected goals. Then, our professionals will address the best solutions for you.


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